Development Groups

YouthFit Development Phases

YouthFit Development

This group is for athletes new to the YouthFit program who are starting running training for the first time. This group also includes ALL 9 - 10 year olds at YouthFit. The aim of this group is to teach them about training including warm up, recovery, pacing and speed development. These athletes will generally only do half the session the Junior group are completing. 

YouthFit Junior 

The Junior group is the next phase of training where athletes have learnt how to warm up and have an idea of how structured training works. This group is for athletes who have been training with the group for at least 3 months and are 11 - 15 years old. 
For both the Development and Junior groups, the mean goal is to enjoy training and learn how to train proprely, and seeing training effects and improvement in race results is secondary. We always try to incorperate games and challeges within sessions. 

YouthFit Senior 

YouthFit Senior is for older hight school aged athletes who have been training for a number of years and are looking to develop to a full training program.

Many of our YouthFit Senior Athletes are competing in senior athletics competitions and aiming to compete at national championships. 

This group will often train on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sundays in a group training environment with club mates and other local athletes. 


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