About YouthFit

About Us


YouthFit is a running and fitness group based in the Western suburbs of Melbourne (Altona, Williamstown, Newport) offering coaching services for kids. We aim to provide a fun and enjoyable way for young athletes to be introduced into the sport of athletics and running in a group setting. 
YouthFit is ideal for people who are aiming to maintain or improve their general fitness, maximize their athletic potential and achieve their sporting goals.

The main aim of training with YouthFit is to learn how to train, how to warm up & cool down, how to race and develop habits that will become part of a life long heathy lifestyle.


We specialize in coaching all running events, while also aiming to improve the cardio fitness, general speed, strength and conditioning of the athletes, preparing them for a long sporting career.  

We are looking to develop athletes at their own pace and we understand the needs of each individual.

As running is the basis of most sports Youth Fit is a perfect way for young athletes to improve their performance in other sports. We highly recommend our training to footballers, netballers, basketballers, hockey players and any other running based sports. 

The minimum age to train with Youth Fit is 9 years old.

At Youth Fit we are ecspecially careful that children do not train too much, too early.

This is the reasoning behind the miniumum age.