Training Details

Training Details


There will be 3 sessions held per week; 

Wednesday: 4.45pm
Friday: 4.45pm 
Sunday: 10.00am 


YouthFit training focuses on teaching athletes how to run, train and race.
There is a coaches put a focus on technique development, how to warm up and cool down, how to determine pace and various training methods and race tactics.


Sessions held in Altona on Wednesdays, in Newport on Fridays and various locations on Sundays. Exact training locations and sessions will be outlined in a monthly program. 

Wednesday has a focus on endurance.
Friday has a focus on speed.
Sunday is a jog/pack run focusing on endurance.


If you are ever unsure of the location of a particular session do not hesitate to contact one of Youth Fit's coaches via phone or email

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